De Kock has a great knowledge of the game: Miller

David Miller has supported Quinton de Kock, the newly appointed ODI captain, while South Africa begins a new phase within the format.

I never knew him before playing for South Africa, and our courtship has become stronger and stronger, “Miller said.

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He is an amazing artist, he thinks about things very simply, however, at the same time, I suppose that as he ages, he is now 27 years old, he is no longer.

A young whip, he is absolutely a mature and suitable senior player, and I practically feel that he has an incredible feeling on the ground, during the sport he has

He oozes enjoying the sport and I guess he really is an excellent asset he has. “

Miller mentioned that the new faces within the aspect will transmit freshness, however, the key is on the way to becoming familiar with the new configuration as

“I realized that the squad appeared and now it was not the daily squad that nobody used to see.

It’s refreshing to see it from Australia and think it’s a new beginning, “he said.

“Teams go from one place to another … I personally do not experience the fact that we are only building for something.

“Quinny and I have come a long way.

There is a calm in him that includes that.

At the end of the day, you must play cricket around the world, no matter what happens to young people, and so on.

The boys want to be available and examine as quickly as possible.

“I said it before, when we play the T20 in India, we are here to win.

We are no longer here to see how things happen.

It is an exciting time to be in South African cricket, many things are happening, however, men have a variety of energy, they may be willing

studying and having the administration we do, which has done many cricket, is a very good combination. “

The national series to England could be the first in South Africa in view of the fact that their World Cup will start where they won only 3 games.

England won the event and includes a recognition of being the most advanced aspect within the format.

Miller, however, worried about visitors, has its weaknesses that can be exploited.

“We are playing world champions at the end of the day,” he said.

“But cricket is cricket and each and every one is due.”